Changing my focus…

DancersGoodness! This hanging with people all the time is hard – for me. Folks are great. They’re out there doing their things and getting on with living the day to day. Many seem to thrive on being around others, doing their doings.

I love brief encounters, and chance chats, but my manic side kicks in way too easily when I try to keep up for hours, let alone days at a time. I get wound up – a lot – and when that happens I talk too much, think too much, and over time, feel too much that isn’t good. SO, it’s finding my way back to good for me tonight.

The one thing I am NOT is successful in any traditional sense. In spite of massive short comings I’ve survived and picked up some extraordinary skills along the way. Those skills, however, are not traditional either. No, I cannot wrangle camels. I don’t mean quite that nontraditional. I can however, get by in new settings.

Think about uprooting yourself. Remember the last time you moved hearth and home? Remember starting a new school, job, relationship, and so on? I’ve been doing all of that continuously for over four years. I’ve had a half dozen brand new jobs completely out of my skill set and comfort zone. I’ve flown half way around the world and back. I’ve had a dozen new “homes”. Oddest of all is that I’ve done it as a single person. Indeed, I’ve met up with family or friends when moving around, but the only real constant is me. And that’s pretty cool.

The reason I am patting myself on the back tonight is as a reminder. It’s a not so subtle way of finding my way back to good. I’ve managed all these years and I’ll continue to manage. In fact, I am managing. If I mess up, I’ll clean up, and move on. Simple.

So getting back to good means focussing on my desires, those things that bring me joy. And that’s my wish tonight.

Let’s find a way back to joyfulness by doing something, anything that makes our heart sing and our feet dance. Impossible to feel anything but wonderful when you’re singing and dancing. What a perfect way to move. Let’s all dance our way back into feeling good by making a joyful noise!!

Until tomorrow…


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