DrivingOne of my blocks has rolled into my path these past few days. And another request manifested itself rather brilliantly just today. Be careful what you wish for? Nope. I’m over the moon about both, but will talk about the latter, first.

So having a car here is pretty necessary. Did I write about possibly sending mine over before I left and how that went? It wasn’t economically feasible in the end, but I do think I wrote about all that so won’t expand further. Anywho, I’ve been okay so far, getting by via begging and borrowing, but I’m over it. It’s too restricting. As a result, I started browsing eBay last night checking out vehicles for sale. When here several years ago I bought a car on the site for a few hundred pounds and sold it on the way to the airport. It was swell. This time I want something a little bit better, but because things are still unsettled I’m wobbly and don’t want to put a lot of cash out. Still, I need wheels. Today then, as I headed out for a walk, I decided to stop into the garage across the street from where I live and have a chat.

Now, I’m assured this spot, and the folks running it, are great. My daughter’s boyfriend bought a car from them and he’s really happy with it. Going in with positive thoughts, I met up straight away with the owner who said he’d keep me in mind for one to meet my criteria. We continued to talk a little longer and suddenly he hummed and then hawed before saying, come with me for a second.

He showed me a car he’d just taken in. He’d not road tested it to any degree and said, I need someone to drive it for a month. Could I think of anyone? He smiled and I replied, yes, as a matter of fact, I can!

Short story, I manifested a car in less than 24 hours. Wow.

As for the block thingy, it centres on blame and how completely under its spell I once was.

I’ve only recently become familiar with the expression ‘blame culture’ and how it operates. It’s a demoralizing environment breeding instability, apathy, and fear because it is formed by an unwillingness to take responsibility. A blaming culture is the opposite of a learning culture, yeah? I’ve “learned” rather quickly how taking responsibility for my own blaming behaviour set me free and empowered me. A learning environment is the only worthwhile one. Of course learning is what this past year in particular has been all about.

Both these events were asked for. Both are acknowledged and received with gratitude.

So wishing tonight for awareness that comes when knowledge is nurtured into wisdom. A head full of data, facts, and stats is sweet when playing a game of Trivial Pursuit, but unless all that information is used for one’s self-development, it’s actually just stuff. Ah, but take that stuff, chew on it, digest it, regurgitate and learn from it, and OMG, you become your most valuable self, a powerhouse ready to serve…and love…even the people who may blame you for being…you. It’s okay though. You can just get into your lovely little car and drive away, smiling all the way.

Until tomorrow…




2 thoughts on “Learning…

    1. Frances Sullivan

      Yeah. I’m only just realizing how I fed that culture all these years while on the flip side how it damaged me. Good to start recognizing it and changing it. I already can see a feel such a positive shift. As for the car, yeah, pretty chuffed. I’ll have a month to sort out things. What a gift! Btw, loving your updates!! xxx

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