All I have the energy for tonight is my wish. Apologies.

So, I’m wishing for more energy. I know, no imagination!

I’ve mentioned, although I’ve been up to lots, I’m weary of late. It seems, the tiredness is hanging on. I’m not sure why, but am open to answering that question. I’ll figure it out because it’s got something to do with transformation which is exhausting in itself and yet, perfectly okay. But it’s vital to be patient when we’re tired and look for the real reason. If you’re doing a zillion things, not sleeping, or making no effort to calm your overstimulated mind storms, then suck it up. You’re gonna be tired. Furthermore, no amount of wishing for energy is gonna bring it. However, if your life is changing in profound and soul-level type ways, you might become fatigued and need to simply trust and breathe. The energy will return. Ahhh…

Night, night.

Until tomorrow…


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