Writing and staying dry…

Floods.YorkshireAh, what a day. I wrote book stuff. Goodness, that brings me so much joy. You’ve no idea! I’ve still a very long way to go before “Adopting Elizabeth” is complete, but from where I was to where I am – gosh – it’s nothing short of a miracle. And I’m happy with the story so far.

I edit when I write. Someday I’ll break that habit, but for now, it’s as it is. I mean, even as quickly as I write these posts, I’m editing as I write. It’s not close to the same intensity, but it’s inherently the same process. I pick up the story cold where I left of – obviously – but not before I’ve re-read a bit. Yes, it’s arduous! LOL

Sometimes an idea has come to me during the day etc., so I get that down before going back. Other times it’s just continuing along from where I left off before I review. And the edits can be a little or a lot depending on my mood and/or the quality of what I’m reading. I don’t always make changes. Today I’m gonna brag because I actually liked what I was reading and thought it good. I added to one or two vignettes, enhanced a character slightly, but all in all, left things pretty much intact. Moving forward posed the only problem. I’m a bit stuck with the next chapter. That said (or more accurately ‘written’) I’ll figure it out. The biggest challenge is to get back to my promise of 500 words a day. I really must try to meet that target or the bloody thing will never get written. And that is unacceptable.

It’s still very warm here. If you’re a follower of weather you’ll know that, like Texas, we’ve had too much rain here. Flooding persists in the far north, but it appears we will see some warnings issued this week for us here in the south. The rivers are swollen and the ground saturated. Our home is high up, but businesses and many homes in the village are not. My fingers are crossed.

I am wishing for awareness tonight. Not the internal kind although that’s always important, but an awareness of others. In bad weather of any kind, let’s try to keep in mind those who are vulnerable. There are elderly, the sick, or folks with little ones who are not as apt and able as those of us with cars or strong legs and good backs. In our busy day-to-day it is too easy to narrow our focus to things that, in the grand scheme, might not really be that important. Staying aware of a neighbour is not that difficult, is it? Nah. And heck, checking in just to make sure they’re safe and sound makes everybody feel good, doesn’t it? Yeah. No question.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Writing and staying dry…

  1. Anneke Schroder

    Hi Francis, just checking in with you on “how things are going” in Devon. . . I actually looked Devon up the other day after reading your post. Until next time . . . ~Anneke~ PS: do you receive my response via email format or through WordPress? Just curious. . . Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 21:12:38 +0000 To: annekeschroder@hotmail.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frances Sullivan

      I receive both depending on where you write your notes. Either way is fine but this is not private. I’m well. Hopefully you are too. 😘


    1. Frances Sullivan

      Sad but true that we sometime need reminders. So be it. And yeah, I love working on the book and look forward to its end. One day at a time!


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