Making more room…

RoomAccepting stuff is sometimes a pain in the ass. Of course it’s worth it, but in the moment, goodness knows the pull to rail ‘against’ is oh so tempting. But that really won’t help in the long run. Giving way to human frailty seldom does. Furthermore, I don’t particularly want to be frail. I would prefer to use the powerful, stronger bits of me.

Of course I fall. My ego steps up to the plate and l start judging others or doubting myself. I regret or want to blame. I fear for my future and worry. Human weakness, yeah? Forgive myself and get back up!

The good old pain-body and I struggle less and less. With practice, knowing it’s my choice what happens next and that I can choose to get up and not wallow, I forgive myself. Once I do that all kinds of space appears. I’ve made room for real change. But, I’ve written before about forgiveness being necessary for self-love. In fact, I’m sure forgiving is necessary for living.

Over these days of searching the soul (me mind) and chipping away at obstacles, I’ve removed a fair amount of waste. I’m less cluttered inside as well as out. Maybe it’s time to really settle down. Or maybe not. I’m not ready to commit to that line of thinking just yet.

So my wish is for the gift of discernment. We’ve sometimes important decisions to make. They may involve others and so can be of vital importance. By seeking the quiet and becoming still, we can discern direction. Another’s path is not always the one we should walk. Another’s voice is not the one we should speak with. In discerning the messages meant to guide OUR path, we cut our own trail, and find our own voice. It is truly a sacred and holy pursuit.

Until tomorrow…



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