Calm amid the chaos…

LightThe feelings I’m moving into are a bit funky all of a sudden. The impending full moon, the return of my allergy-based cough, along with my waning energy is dragging me down. However, I’m okay. I know this “mood” will pass as quickly as it comes, but it’s a good reminder that I need to keep myself focussed on positive thoughts and even spend a few more minutes on the meditation cushion.

I’m writing late again tonight because after seeing the fantabulous, amazing, spectacular Star Wars movie, I went to a club to hear a band. The bar scene alters radically when you don’t drink. The energy, however, does tend to tire me. Not because there’s so much fun being had, but the opposite is sort of the case, I think. All that confusion and grasping. It’s exhausting. It was good to be there for a bit, and good to leave.

My wish tonight is for the ability to find peaceful quietude in a noisy world. Of course, that’s what meditation is for. The practice not only calms the mind, but makes the world around less noisy, too. It lowers our blood pressure. With so much coming at us these days, from every blessed direction, it’s as if we are swirling in a storm. That’s exactly the time to take a deep inhale, and close your eyes on the exhale. Don’t open your eyes right away (unless you’re driving), and find the light. Let it wash over you, that violet white light, if only for second. Do that every day. You are meditating. Peaceful, isn’t it?

Until tomorrow…


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