Learned something new today…

HensI’ve been driving all day. Well, it feels that way. You know the expression about being careful what you wish for? Well, I asked to get my road-legs back, and I sure got the chance this weekend. I’d kind of forgotten that driving here is hard work! LOL

So, I had to return to Bristol Airport today, but stopped to visit a chum along the way. She was off to pick up some hens. I went along for the ride and learned a lot about chickens, the myth of ‘free range’ and more.

We arrived at a British Hen Welfare Trust property, and along with many other saviours, collected six battery hens. My friend is rehoming these horribly abused and frightened creatures. They’ve never set claw on ground, or seen the sky. There were a couple hundred rescued and the good local folks flocked (ahem) to take them away to proper homes. These battery caged hens will make wonderful pets and soon be living the life a chicken is meant to live, pecking happily away and fairly free to wander. Well done British Hen Welfare Trust and people of Devon. Why, one couple who had three said they’ll sleep in the house tonight. Sweet, yeah?

I’ll not eat another egg unless I know where it comes from.

And then it was off to the airport for me. There’s a diversion on the link road, so I needed to cut off and take one of those delightful back roads I had you driving via Google Earth last night. I handled it okay. It was daylight. On the way back, I’d be able to stay on the adult road. Whew. Anywho, once on the M5 (6 lanes) I sailed. I’d arrive just on time if her flight had been on time. It was then I saw the text I’d missed from earlier in the day. A two-hour delay. Scheisse. I pulled off into a service centre, ordered a coffee and played Candy Crush for an hour. Of course now it’s black as pitch. I keep forgetting how dark it is in the country, too. Yes, I’m still on the big highway, but won’t be for long. The airport’s quite a ways off the main road. Bugger.

Anywho, I made it with time to spare. She asked, would I drive back? Uh, okay.

And all was well until that diversion spot. Closed!!! I’d have to take that really little, twisty turny road which is bad enough in the daylight. Double crap.

But, you know the end of the story because I’m writing to you. I made it home unscathed. I didn’t run into anything, hit any sheep, or get stuck in the mud. And yes, I’m exaggerating slightly, but it can happen and does, actually, just not to me tonight.

Am I happy here? Profoundly.

My wish tonight is for the courage to try new things. It’s so easy to stay put, settle into routine, do only what you’re used to, or comfortable doing. But it’s important to dip your toe in – often. When studying for the LSAT, I remember learning the acronym FEAR as false evidence appearing real. We can justify lots of reasons for not doing things, and think tons of things super scary, but are they really? Statistics prove learning new things, challenging ourselves to step out of comfort zones, keeps the mind sharp. I’ve talked about wanting to speak Italian. Maybe it’s time I got on that.

Fino a domani…


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