Does it fit?

Country landDevon’s roads are narrow, especially here in the north. If you doubt me, do a Google Earth search and move the little orange fella in for Street View. Then, go for a drive along any B-road. I’ll wait. I need a potty break anywho. Be back in 5.

SEE! What did I tell you? Narrow. Barely one car wide. Perfectly fine and dandy if you’re all going one way, but cross yourself pray to some higher power scary when a car comes at you from the opposite direction. And yes, I’m prone to exaggeration, but only slightly in this case. I’d conveniently forgotten the experience of driving these roads, and while there is an odd charm to them, it’s more like an adrenaline rush. But enough of the roads.

I enjoyed a good cup of coffee, warm conversation, and a yummy lunch today with two of my dearest friends. (Goodness, it seems that’s all I’ve doing is eating, but the deliciousness just keeps on coming! Lucky me.) Anywho, when last over, they kindly agreed to store a box of clothes which I picked up today. After grocery shopping, I got home and surveyed the contents. It’s been two years and I’d forgotten about a couple of items, so it was a treat. Gotta love surprises. They are everywhere, you know.

Yesterday’s post was serious, or at least my response to it makes me think that. I get a certain recurring feeling after talking about the more dramatic events in my life and want to make light of them afterwards, or crack a joke. That response is common. Many of us need to bring down the curtain between the more intense scenes, yes? But sometimes humour can appear glib which diminishes the message, cheapening it. I’m trying to refrain from that because my narrative, although bleak, is real. And like many dark stories, has a remarkable way of illuminating profound truths. Like the box, more and more surprises unravel almost daily when I open myself up. It’s freeing. I believe it is awareness blooming.

So tonight I’m wishing for the relief that comes from telling the truth. I don’t mean fessing up publicly about some fib or other although that can be good for you. Rather I’m referring to the unburdening that comes when you admit the truth to yourself. Telling yourself you’re happy, does not make you so. Confront the fear that is actually keeping you in some unhappy place, then make the changes needed to move you out of there! Telling ourselves the truth is important and a great first step that will widen the road in front of our very eyes.

Until tomorrow…


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