In the pink…

Pink (3)Well, well my lovelies. The “after” picture is in jeopardy! I cannot keep eating the way I’ve been lately. Tonight’s meal was exquisite with a capital “E”.

I got to stand in for my daughter’s fella at dinner. It was an evening planned by one of those uber social types. You know the ones, yeah? Anywho, this was at a nearby spot and I had a ball.

Many of the little local restaurants reincarnate regularly. This one was not here when I last was making it pretty new. A couple and their teenage, or young adult, children sold up in London and came to Devon to open a funky, bohemian eatery. They are lovely and their kids, trained by Jamie Oliver. Dad is Chef, and quite a culinary whiz. What a perfect evening. I will walk tomorrow!

I’ve not dressed up in a long while. Well, I don’t dress up actually and tonight was no exception. I just put more make up on than I usually do and in spite of being the elder by probably thirty years, I didn’t feel too horribly out of place. Whew. I hate feeling old.

Speaking of old, meditation really helps keep you younger. It does so! And I promise to remind myself of that when I miss too many days on the cushion. Anywho, enough of this. It’s late and I’ve got to be up and on the road to the city super early.

I wish that all of you are able to sit down to wonderful food, good conversation, and laughter. Not just during these holiday days, but every day. We have the capacity to make each day an event. It needn’t be over the top. Even simple things can turn the mundane into the magical. Maybe a flower on an otherwise flowerless table. Maybe a candle. You get the idea. Mindfully turn a simple moment into a memorable one. Go on. You know you want to!

Until tomorrow…


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