ConfidenceToday was a great day. I’ve made some new friends already and one of them helped me search for something to make my settling a bit easier. Funny how good hanging up some clothes can make you feel.

It rained most of the day. It’s warm enough though, so not so bad. But all in all I’m enjoying everything. Soon I’ll slip up to the moors and wander. That will be wonderful. There are such views from up there.

I’ve not won the lottery yet, by the way. That’s still coming. Other ‘asks’ are coming along nicely, though, so I’m confident and trusting.

However, I’m tired tonight so will end for now.

My wish is for confidence. I ask for this because it’s come to my attention that I waiver a lot. One minute I’m sailing, thick with self-assurance, the next I’m assuming the foetal position. What’s that all about? I suppose its fear – fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. Fear. But confidence is the ability to see beyond, hold your gaze, and keep you focus on getting the job done. Partly it’s about staying in the moment, detaching from the outcome of whatever it is you want and believing in your own vision. Of course, that’s all big picture 30,000 foot level stuff. All I really need to know is that I actually do believe I can stay confident. No doubt. No waiver. Confidently confident. Practice makes perfect…

Until tomorrow…


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