Music and rest…

A good day with some mental wobbles. I have to tell you getting back to a real “me” way of eating feels wonderful for body and mind, BUT I’m tired. Me thinks the last weeks took a toll. I can tell anyone thinking of living this kind of lifestyle, each move is exhausting. That’s not ‘don’t do it’, merely be very aware, there is a lot of energy exerted which each major change.

That written, I got lots of sleep last night and today, and although still super fuzzy, am sure tomorrow will see me back to myself.

Wishing you sweet and gentle thoughts. Wishing you slow mindful walks and long restful sits. Last night I wished for calm and I hope you found some. Today, more of the same only into the quiet. There you can hear the beat of your heart or maybe your sweetheart’s. Listen but do not think. Just listen. You’ll hear little and a lot, nothing and everything. In the quiet you can KNOW.

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Music and rest…

    1. Frances Sullivan

      How sweet of you to follow, and to tell me that. I write to help myself sort things out and keep my footing on this crazy wild ride I’m on. Happy it resonates. Keep in touch and you must let me know how you are getting on with ‘work’. Much love. FS


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