On my way to Silbury Hill…

AveburyI made it. I’ll eventually re-coordinate my posts time wise – I’m 5 – 8 hours ahead of many of you now, while only an hour or so behind for others. Nevertheless, I made it.

My flight was smooth and quite remarkable in that we landed 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Customs was the smoothest EVER so I’m giving the overall excursion and enthusiastic two thumbs up.

The ride to Devon was with lovely company who drove me past Silbury Hill and the Neolithic stone circles of Avebury. Although very close to Stonehenge, I’d never been. These gigantic boulders are awesome and since it is the largest circle of its kind in Europe, I’m really happy to have seen it. Very happy indeed.

I’d like to talk more about today but I’m falling asleep. It is now 7PM here on Friday – 2 PM where I’ve come from and I’ve been up since 5:30 AM yesterday. I can’t type properly anymore.

My wish is for peaceful, beautiful dreams for everyone. No matter what your strife, stress, or trouble, may you find comfort in Nod’s land.

Until tomorrow…


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