Just different…

HarmonyAs I sit in the renovated lounge waiting for my flight today, I’m reminded that change is constant. It was only two years ago that I sat here. It was then a place with seats near a door where people gathered before a flight. Now, the seats encircle a trendy eatery with cold ready-made food, hot entrees, and alcoholic beverages as well as the regular other ones like water, juice, and coffee. There are comfy seats at tables where iPads blink constant messages offering wine, coffee, and snacks. The beauty of those croissants is making my mouth water! And you can order simply by touching the screen on that blinky iPad! I’ve refrained. My S.Pellegrino and julienned zucchini with hummus is fine, although those croissants do look scrumptious.

Anywho, I was talking about change, which is everywhere. Life, death, health, illness, winter, summer. You get the gist. And because I generally enjoy change, I’m fine with it. Sure, there’s tons I’d rather avoid like security checks, baggage weight restrictions (sorry for the references but I’m in an airport, remember?), and smaller seats on planes, but overall I see more familiar things than unfamiliar. And I suppose that’s comforting. But I didn’t really want to talk about any of this funnily enough. I wanted to talk about words and phrases again. Go figure.

So because I took an early airbus ‘just in case’, and made my way to my gate, ‘just because’, I got some book writing done. I freely and readily admit I’m slow with work on Adopting Elizabeth, but it’s not stagnant as it once was. No indeed. It is progressing – still months away from completion – but progressing nonetheless. And, if I might be so bold as to brag, I’m happy with the content and my questionable progress in spite of the speed. And it was as I wrote today, I was again reminded of change. I changed some words around, altered phrasing to bring about a new meaning and so on. I’m especially blessed to enjoy editing.

When I decided to finish on the book it was so I could post a blog and perhaps not miss a day, or not miss a day while here. The time difference might toss a wrench in the machine tomorrow, but not for now. And that’s when I realized I might have a chance to clear up a few things.

On my FB page and email, I’ve received many messages of good will, and wishes for safe travels. They warm my heart. Senders have written things like ‘new life’, and ‘hope you find happiness’, though. Thing is, it’s not a new life. It’s just a change. And I’m really happy with life – with my life. I’m even becoming a fan of Frances Sullivan. She’s kind of cool. She just wanted to live someplace different, is all. And she’s off to find out where that place is. It might be England, it might be Ecuador, or BC. I’m not absolutely certain. I just know that I’m okay and I will remain that way. Better, I am flourishing!

Re-do 365 has brought about extraordinary change in me. I entered into a pretty vague contract on my birthday, but have held the course. I’m proud of the honesty with which I’ve looked at my life, and continue to examine it. I’m proud of the scope of awareness I’ve raised in my heart and spirit. I’m proud of the sincerity with which I’ve asked for help. I think I’m most proud, however, of how much I’ve forgiven myself. Because of that, I think I’m healing in a deep and profound way.

We all wound ourselves. We all strike out at others, sometimes. Some of us come more wounded than others while other soul contracts require great sacrifice, loss, and suffering be experienced during a particular lifetime. Most of my wounding came quite young but it was intense and repetitive. Stir that into the pot of what I brought with me this time, and well, I had ‘stuff’, lots and lots of stuff. But, I’ve known great kindness and been treated to patience. I’m still here and now it is time to be happy.

And that I am. Jumping happily into a sea of change. Indeed. And writing it all down, too.

I’m boarding soon, so wishing you all wondrous travels in blue, soft skies. Sail with your heart open and your feet tapping. Listen with compassion to the beat of life, okay? Be kind to yourself and others, but most of all, LOVE it all. It’ll make you feel good and everyone around you, too.

Until tomorrow…



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