A big step…

DevonI bought a ticket to Blighty today. Originally, I planned on heading to the west coast about the middle of October. Things changed and Friday, I’ll land at Gatwick instead. There’s much to do over the coming weeks and months to ensure I’m able to live legally and function successfully in the UK, but I’m pretty up for it. It’s been years in the making.

Speaking of ‘in the making’, this process has super glued my understanding of the law of attraction. Don’t doubt it my peeps! IT is real.

Anywho, I’m not going to ramble tonight in spite of having lots to say. It’s seconds shy of 11PM and I’m happily weary.

My wish is a wonderfully simple one tonight. I wish that everyone step into, just for a minute or two, the happy space. When we focus on something, whatever that something is, that’s what we attract to us. Yep. So if we focus on good, kind and happy stuff, guess what? That’s what we will attract. Hold on, I heard you naysaying! Stop, if only for a minute, because it’s okay to think good thoughts and to be happy. Really! In fact, it’s encouraged.

Until tomorrow…


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