Roses not quite yet…

WhiteroseTonight was lovely, spent with the group I’m privileged to see on Monday and Friday. They gave me a card of thanks and farewell. I was touched. They are proof positive people can work together harmoniously. Guess you could say they’ve got their priorities straight. I’m thrilled to have been a part of it. Really thrilled.

Of course, now you’re thinking I’m finally leaving. Nope. The above was just me sayin’ about tonight. I’m still in a holding pattern regarding the final stage of the move.

So what’s it all mean? Well let me tell you what I think.

For starters, I don’t know why things are dragging at damn near the twelfth hour. I’m gonna take a leap and guess it’s got something to do with alignment and lessons. One thing I am sure about is that it’s an opportunity. Let me explain.

So today (and several times the last many days) I caught myself bemoaning, questioning, hashing over ‘stuff’ regarding the car not selling and so on. Of course that leads to blah blah and yada yada speak. All of this is negative, a time waster. Plus, I get all judgy, self-righteous, and worse, scared. I start to doubt, get a queasy stomach, and get pissy. I get short with others whose remarks while often thoughtless, would not usually bother me so much. I’m oversensitive, clearly.

It’s okay to be a bit off my game, in fairness. I’ve a lot going on. My resources are dwindling, and I’ve no real promise my plans will manifest at all. It’s coming on winter and while I don’t have to cut down any trees, I can’t find that river to skate away on…at least not yet. But let’s get back to specifics, yeah?

When I asked the universe a couple of weeks ago to please take over the selling of my car, I set a date. It was two weeks ago today. When putting that request forward, I was gracious and allowed for some leeway. By Monday, a buyer appeared. That’s the same person who is still interested. I need patience and trust. It IS that simple.

In the meantime, I keep writing, yeah? I’ve a wonderful room in a warm house. Tonight’s dinner proved there’s more than enough food to sustain me, and people nearest and dearest remain incredibly supportive.

What is the opportunity I mentioned? It’s the chance to practice what I ‘preach’. When writing the blogs, or vlogging, I’m talking to myself mostly. It’s like I’m reminding myself to think this way, or act that way. This current situation I’m in allows me to put a lot of my suggestions into action. And when push came to shove, I dropped the ball. I’ve not been acting the way I’d like to. Not at all. SO, I’m going to pick the ball up right now.

My wish tonight is for the patience we need to wait things out. Often we do the best we can, we cover off what needs doing and prepare as best we can. But especially when trying to live a state of trust, the growing– inside and out – might not be complete so the bloom is slow to come to flower. Believe it will and in the meantime rejoice in each moment. All is well. Soon there will be a garden.

Until tomorrow…

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