Don’t worry…

happyToday was one big reminder about being grateful, thankful and focussed on ‘happy’.

So one of my yoga pals is a medical personage. We got to chatting about vagus nerve stimulation and the gut. In my haste to wax profound, I spout that I think everything links back to diet. She disagreed quietly saying that happiness surpasses food. She’s seen lots of happy people who’ve done nasty things to themselves still they not only outlive, but out-health the organic types simply because of the difference in their state of being. Mind over matter.

Gosh, I thought, that’s the message that’s been trying to break through! I’ve been tapping the edges of it in my posts, but here it is ever so succinctly. This re-do is about finding my happy place and moving in!

So my wish tonight is that we all source our “happy” and let it be the breath we breathe. It cannot steer us wrong because true happiness is inextricably woven with gratitude, compassion, and kindness. Seriously, have you ever met a mean happy person? No. So soak it up. Let the happy consume you. What have you got to lose except maybe some sick days?

Until tomorrow…


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