Being honest isn’t always easy…

Zigzagging Toward Zen

AthenaWas having some difficulty focussing on words today, and it continues tonight. The print is blurring like crazy. True, I’m a tad tired, or better put, weary. Moving into another new space is invigorating on one level, but exhausting on another. It’s mostly the altering of your patterns that fuzzes you: your sleep is different as is your eating. Then there’s the sorting and shifting and getting used to where things are again. This move was a good one, don’t get me wrong. I’m much better having left the somewhat toxic energy of the last space, but since selling my house three years ago, I’ve moved into 18 different residences. That excludes travel, the days when I slept in hotels or my car, and several housesitting gigs. That’s a lot and it’s taking a bit of toll.

At first couch surfing and temporary living was much harder. It took more…

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