Sleeping goddessI need to clear up a little something from last night’s blog. When I wrote about being in “harm’s way” I meant soulfully, not literally. I’m quite okay, once more sheltered by kind friends. That being written, I’m still very much at loose ends and desperate for my dream, my plan, my vision, to manifest. Shit. Enough with the tests already!


I must admit I’m sort of shattered, but enough whining.


The world seems a rough and brutal place these days, doesn’t it?


I can only write that I wish solace for broken hearts; strength for those struggling; courage for those who fear they cannot go on, and air for those who feel they cannot breathe.


It is a tumultuous time. I beg in perhaps a vain attempt, for patience, tolerance, and the deepest knowing that comes from acting with compassion. There is no healing born of focus on a festering wound.


Until tomorrow…








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