With all my heart…

There are few words tonight. I’ll post my excerpt tomorrow.

Tonight, my aching heart is with Parisians. With all humanity. And in spite of the horror, I know still, that love is the way.

When in my teens and a crusader for peace, I became involved with a movement that chose violence to speed up change. Members believed hurting others was the only way to garner attention.

And garner attention, they did.

But then what?

To quote an old adage: If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

And some of them did.

I left that group. I became a pacifist.

I am ParisI still believe that love is the way.

In my youth, I was gassed, man handled, and arrested. I did not raise a hand, nor did I wish anything but peace to those who hurt me. I hold to my beliefs now more than ever.

Love is the way.

But it is hard. In the face of such slaughter, carnage, and illogical barbarism, where is the love?

In your heart. In mine.

Until tomorrow…


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