An oopsy kind of day…

Change.ShawNot feeling at all well today. I wrote yesterday how low my energy was – no – it was the day before because yesterday was the book post. So that means, a couple of days now. Hmm. Tonight I was sick after eating supper – hurl sick. It’s likely stress because I do not deal well when I’m under the wire.

I’m trying to keep the faith about the car, and then this morning, the senior citizen whose kindness and hospitality I’ve been taking advantage of asks when, exactly, I plan on leaving. She wants her space back. Imagine the nerve! Hehe. I thought I’d been clear about it all, but she does not necessarily pay close attention. When I drove those containers to Toronto last week, she assumed I was leaving, she says. Uh, no, I’ve the car, remember? Anywho, I’m begging all the saints and angels to help me at this point. And with that written, I realize another option might present itself. It often does.

Many times over the years, I’ve found my gaze too myopic. In this instance, it’s pretty hard to see anything other than the selling of my car because, well, that’s what’s holding me up at this point. But, is it?

Being open to options is important. That’s been an eye-opener for me. Example? Here’s a common scenario: My job is soul numbing and I hate it. You say, quit. The response, oh no! I’ve this and that and I can’t, and they wouldn’t let me, and I couldn’t get another one, and on and on. Right. If you’re not going to exit, then button the lip and change your attitude about it, yeah? But there’s more.

Often times, there’s choices in front of us that we do not see because we’re too busy looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking only at the awful aspects of that job and seeing no way out, then, there’ll not be any way out. When you actually surrender to the idea that you want out, inspired ideas will pop up. But here’s the kicker – you have to be willing to follow through. Yep. That’s a critical component. Complaining is no different than worry. It’s good for nothing. Absolutely nothing.

That attitude transfers to everything. I want to get going. So far, the only thing keeping me here is the car. I believe it will sell, or another option will present itself. It’s that simple. The fact that I’m sick suggests to me, however, that I might well be missing something. Hmm.

Okay, so I’m asking for the millionth time for help. Help from the angels, saints, and people who love and care for me. Any suggestions are welcome. Any prayers, good thoughts, loving energy, is appreciated so send away, please and thanks.

My wish tonight is for courage to persevere. When you have a desire and have put out a request for that desire, you might just have to change something – either yourself or your circumstances – to see that desire materialize. Who knew? But it’s true.

Here’s to beautiful, positive, creative, life affirming, change.

Until tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “An oopsy kind of day…

  1. Alexandra

    My dear friend- – the solution might be to reduce the price every day ’til you get an offer. She is quite lovely but the market for cars is very related to cost. Hugs to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. love your honesty and writing style. Beautiful.
    I’m new to blogging and I love meeting others whom are holistic and believe in positive energy and the law of attraction theory.
    Please follow our blog as we leave suburbia and look for adventure and getting back to nature on our journey across the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL 2,650 miles.


    Heidi Oxendale


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