Positive thinking…

SoldTired tonight. In fact, I’ve been tired all day. And it was a beautiful one with lovely sunshine. True, the breeze had a chill to it, but come on, it’s November! I’m grateful.

So, feeling the stress of the last dot. I’ve asked that the car be sold by Friday. I need to move ahead. Earlier this week I sent a request for some paper work that I’ll need to apply for my visa, and this week I’ll get a couple coloured passport photos, but it’s time to buy that ticket. I put a deadline on the car. In my mind it’s sold. The buyer just hasn’t turned up yet. Friday or sooner. Thank you, Universe!

Okay, that’s hard to do with no doubt, eh? Yes, I expect to attract my request. You know I’m a big believer. This journey – this whole re-do – has been a leap of faith. And I couldn’t be happier to have jumped. Of course, it’s not over, but time has sure passed. This all started April 3. True, if I was giving myself a number, it might be low on the surface because much of the change isn’t obvious. But I’ve written about that before, so enough. I was talking about doubting. Gotta let go of that stuff and TRUST.

Anywho, tonight’s short. Stop clapping. I can see you!! Hehe

Wishing for miracles and magic. I write almost daily about believing, but when push comes to shove, doubt still comes. Here’s to believing that magic steps up to counteract the doubt, because it knows the heart’s desire. And that allows for miracles to happen. Let’s believe together, shall we? Just ask, then let the magic happen. Ooh, goose bumps. Did you get them too?

Until tomorrow…


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