Intuition fail…

van-goghYou know how law of attraction type theories teach that we invite everything into our lives? That’s a difficult one to get because it’s really not exactly simple. There are layers, some that might be linked to the whole ‘soul contract’, or past lives, karma thing. Again, understanding the depth of this theory completely requires deep consideration. Over these last months of re-doing, I’ve taken the idea of responsibility seriously and have it nailed. LOL. Of course I don’t. But I’ve got a better handle on it than before.

I’ll try to keep this example brief. It does make my point quite spectacularly, though, so I want to share it.

You know my car is for sale, yes? I put a well written ad with good pictures on a car trader site October 22. The first ad I posted on another online site got me only two responses, both of which came from trolls. I didn’t enjoy that experience so, on this site, I added a privacy feature with hesitation. For some reason, my gut was nervous about me doing it, so much so that a little voice spoke about being concerned it might restrict possible purchasers. I poopooed the gut’s worry and posted the ad with the privacy shield.

Skip forward to today.

After a lot of views for almost two weeks, not one call or email. A good friend sent an email. I didn’t get it. BLAH. I called the site. Nope. NO sign of my friend’s email or any others for that matter. Funnily enough, my friend had received confirmation from the site about her email. All these hours later, I’ve still not seen it.

Okay then! So, as frustrating as this all is, I did go against my intuition. There might be a few reasons why I did, but that’s not the important part. What is important is that I take responsibility, correct what needs correcting, and move forward. Inspired thought and intuition are key elements to attracting what you desire.


I still believe all is well and in order. My car is “SOLD” in my head and although my plan had been to be gone about this time, it might be a couple more weeks. I’m already gone in my head so and accept that all is unfolding in the most fortuitous way.


I know it’s not always possible to live out your days as I’m living mine. Decisions have to be made. Timelines met. People work with others and the group has expectations. I know that. And doing my best within those perimeters. My point is more about looking at things a little differently. A change of view can be refreshing and enlightening.

Wishing for understanding, tonight. His Holiness, when referring to détente, suggests that we would be further ahead to speak of our samenesses first. Instead, we bring our differences to the table. He says we might solve our issues more quickly if we realized how similar we really are. It’s a simple change in process that might help us with our perspective. We are one, after all. More alike than different.

Until tomorrow…


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