DancersAlthough it was rainy and cold today, it was a glorious day. I’m happy. No, I’m no further along on my ‘journey’ at all, but I feel positive about everything. And, I am grateful being here, safe and warm, and supported.

When I write supported, my fingers stumble a bit over the keys. Perspective. Attitude. If I feel supported, I am. And as soon as I see myself as that, it is so. It’s that simple.

I’ve a wee cold so my head’s fuzzy. You know that upper sinusy ache when you’re blowing your nose all the time? All is well, otherwise, just a bug that’s decided to settle in for a bit. It’s a good reminder to me to watch my fluid intake, take vitamins D and C, and avoid dairy. Mucus is not my friend, and there are a lot of things I can do to avoid getting overrun by it. LOL

Have any of you watched Adele’s new video for “Hello”? Goodness, she’s a force. While watching, I got to thinking about the range of emotion she conveys in her lyrics and voice. She’s a chanteuse of depth and wonderful talent, no question. There’s such enthusiasm there. I want some.

So that’s my wish tonight. (Yes, short blog.) Enthusiasm. I know I’ve wished for it before, but tonight I understand the power it holds. It keeps you young, involved, interested, and active. Wanting to get up in the morning, throwing your arms wide open to both sun or the rain, dancing for no reason, and laughing just because, are all signs you’ve a zest for life. Hold those exuberant moments close to your heart, hug the joy they bring and then feel the enthusiasm they’ve inspired deep in your bones. Ah. Life is beautiful.

Until tomorrow…


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