RoseToday’s been a pretty good day writing wise – yes, for real this time. I’ve come up with a plan to post book excerpts twice a week and I’m going to shoot for Tuesday and Friday. So, end of this week there’ll be some more of the story, and I hope you’ll enjoy.

I’m doing it this way because I’d really rather edit it a bit before posting it. My regular blogs aren’t edited and I’d like to deploy some real writing chops to ya’ll with this book. I’ve a lot more invested in that story overall. Anywho, that’s the plan for now. Heaven knows it could change in a breath.

So I talked to my English kid this morning who told me my goods have arrived. Yay. They got rained on so I’m a bit nervous about damage, but trust she’ll do her best to minimize it. Everything went into storage so it’s not like she could sort through it. Putting my faith in faith at this point. She did tell me that she’s getting really excited about me coming. That was lovely to hear. I shared some of my concerns and together we talked them through. Overall, I feel much better and am, likewise, getting anxious to get going. But you know that.

I had another learning today around language and love that I’m noticing more and more how sneaky our patterned responses are. It’s not enough to think generally, mantra platitudes, or gaze sanctimoniously from the 50,000 foot level. We have to inject the changes into common speech and be diligent about out words. They come from our thoughts, go into the ether before coming right back to us.

On Ellen, I saw a beautiful young man who broke his neck. Bam. Life changing. Thing is, he was smiling, laughing. His attitude was one of gratitude. It’s all about perspective, what you focus on, what you think.

Gratitude means just that. Being grateful. I am grateful. Watch that you don’t slip into the trap of saying, I should be more grateful. Uh uh. I. Am. Grateful.

You’ve a choice. Be happy in the moment, or tell yourself you’ll be happy. I. Am. Happy.

Happiness is a bi-product of gratitude. Truth.

Is life hard? If you say so, it is. Is life easy? If you say so, it is. Perspective. What’s yours? You can point out how there’s a war, or that life’s a mess, or how you broke your neck and are paralyzed, but what’s your real attitude about it all? Are you a victim, are you at the whim of all the shit around you, or…? Hey, it’s stuff. It’s going on. We all have to deal. How you feel and think about it informs your reality, though. What’s your perspective? Are you safe right now? Have you called your insurance company? Do you focus on getting a great wheelchair?

Perspective is everything. Happy people who feel grateful get caught in wars, have accidents, and break stuff. They cope, they smile, they look for and find, good. Their words do not reflect their difficulty, rather, their love of life and others.

Tonight I wish for the perspective born of happy gratitude.

Until tomorrow…

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