Lessons continue…

BeautifulToday’s a good day. Okay, I’ve had more productive days, but bemoaning my laziness is not helpful. I did keep to my promise to write, even if I fell short of my 500 words’ goal, I’m still making progress. But I am spinning my wheels and would prefer to not be doing that.

My eating is getting back on track, though. I’ve got a nutty craving for sweets but trying to reduce a bit more each day so, for example, I only had one chocolate bar today instead of three. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But yeah, fresh and simple works best for me. And, the more I eat well, the more I eat well. I did buy GLA yesterday which is a combination of oils designed to give the skin a boost. Lately, my skin has felt more sensitive than normal, so what can it hurt? I’ll let you know what my results are.

I haven’t kept a log for drinking, but it’s been at least two months since I’ve had one. I’ve no craving and no desire to drink, either. It reminds me of smoking. I’d smoke, then not, then smoke some more. Then, one day I’d had enough and never lit up again. I must admit I wish I’d given up drinking a LONG time ago, but better late than never.

On a completely different note, I was reminded today of something I’ve not experienced for years. I wasn’t directly involved but was able to experience it as it was caught in real time. We live in the age where few things are really private and in this case, that was a good thing. Anywho, it made me ask myself about mirroring and the message delivered when we find ourselves disturbed by the behaviour of another. I needed to take a moment and separate out a few things.

First, this was a discussion that became ad hominem, meaning that one person started making personal attacks on the other. Immediately, the debate is nullified. It becomes false in scientific terms. Tactics like these are bullying, and once the assault begins it usually intensifies unless ended. This one was stopped by the person being attacked, but as often happens, the bully is left frustrated because they’ve not ‘won’ so they’ll find other ways to unleash their frustration. Their pain-body is hungry, so they’ll head off to feed it.

So what’s the message?

Well, for me today, it was to affirm that wrong is wrong. Bad behaviour is hurtful and leaves behind a sticky mess of destructive energy. Was there misunderstanding in the exchange? Yes. But there was no pleasing the bully and the fall-out left a mess in its wake.

I am no doctor, but I believe I’m called to be a light worker of sorts. It means for me identifying is important but separating is critical. It’s important to see what’s happening for what it is, but not to judge the individuals. Rather, to see how behaviours can heal or wound. And while we are responsible for ourselves, there are many times when we purposely hurt others. When we do that, we have to make amends. It’s that simple.

If we cannot see that we’ve done wrong, well, that’s another issue all together. That is psychoses. As I wrote, I’m no doctor. All I can do is love. I did not say ‘accept’. I am expected to love even those whose behaviours I cannot approve of, or understand. Change them? Absolutely not. That’s not my job. Loving them is enough work.

My wish tonight is for more patient understanding and the courage to walk away from confrontation. Why would you force change, beat anything into submission, or govern by fear? Haven’t we seen the wonderful result of actions born from love? I think we have. Let’s walk toward compassion, kindness and understanding. It just feels better.

Until tomorrow…


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