I. Am.

WaveToday was one filled with some unexpected rocks. Moving them is exhausting so I’m looking for a way around them. In time. The truth is, I pick up other people’s stuff and their energy can sometime become boulders. After all these years of living, it’s still the same story. I am, however, more aware of it and am trying out new strategies to side-step them whenever I can.

So today, in New York City’s Central Park, an impressive group of notables gathered for the Global Citizen Festival. If you’re quick, or living west of me, you might be able to catch live feed from the event. https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/festival/2015/

The brain child of two young Aussies in 2008 who believed poverty should be a thing of history, the Global Poverty Project has made strides. In 2011, Hugh Jackman flexed his wolfy muscles and pushed a campaign to expand awareness. Other voices speak for this worthwhile venture now, some fronting the festival which today, drew thousands. Does it matter?

Unlike the causes I attached myself to back in the day, solutions are addressed today in a grander scale. But real change is like a wave. Until the water gathers itself together, cooperating with the wind, it laps ashore still eating the shoreline, but slowly. A wave worth riding is a beautiful thing to behold. And it brings about some impressive changes.

Of course, I wasn’t there today and have nothing worthwhile to offer even if I were. I’m too old and too tired to try to care anymore. It’s too much of a struggle! And those itsy bitsy grains of sand I might shift, are hardly going to make a difference to anything. WRONG.

I am little and considerably inconsequential. My voice cannot speak wisely to hordes of listeners when most days I speak to no one at all! I am unable to act as a philanthropist because I can’t pay the rent. BUT, my spirit is colossally transcendent. My voice matters when supporting my own heart, or comforting another with kind words. And I have a roof over my head and healthy food still, so am among the wealthiest in the world.

My wish tonight is that we hold firm to our own power, never doubting its oneness with the divine. In Liz Gilbert’s new book, she asks that we consider curiosity as our actual driving force instead of passion. She suggests curiosity keeps us seeking, interested. Are you curious what your answer would be if you asked, “Can I change the world simply by changing my thoughts?” I am. Powerful stuff indeed.

Until tomorrow…

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