A spoon full…

Sugar-is-badIt amazes me how quickly sugar muffles me now. I remember reading somewhere that alcohol messes extremely with blood glucose levels. Besides being poison to the body which wants to immediately excrete it, alcohol negatively impacts glucose levels every time it’s ingested. Talk about imbalance! So, I’m thinking the tub of chocolate peanut butter Haagen-Dazs, and dozen oatmeal raisin cookies I scarfed down, even though not actually considered deadly by the body, hasn’t done my glycogen processes any favours today. By the way I feel, I’ll sure be happy when those sugary treats have digested and exited my lovely person.

So you might have guessed by the above that I’m not feeling great. I’m not. I’m all kinds of spacey. Clean living is absolutely the way, but I’ve only been squeaky for a short time. Straying seems to have immediate, and unpleasant, repercussions. I’ve got to get used to this and watch the cravings. And I’m happy to, if truth be told. As I wrote last night, changing means I have to make changes.

There’s lots of ideas swimming around in the pool of sweet goo that is likely my brain tonight, and hopefully I’ll write about them in the coming days, but I’m done for tonight. I’m all blurry-eyed. .

My wish is for the courage to follow the gut. Discerning the voice’s nuances becomes easier over time. Listening to our intuition can be easy, or hard. We’ve a choice. I’ve heard it said the gut can steer us wrong. That is false. That we don’t always hear or interpret the message correctly, or that we choose to disregard instruction, is not the fault of our intuition. We have choices and we make them based on our free will, or ego, or doubt, or fear. Our higher-self continues to  speak only truth. There’s no sugar coating that. It’s a fact.

Until tomorrow…


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