DoorI think I’ve found a mover for the few things going to Vancouver. Winding through what are probably rudimentary questions had proved problematical the last weeks, but I finally jumped in, made up some answers, and hit send. As is often the way, I got immediate responses and should have a pick-up and delivery date determined in the next 24 hours. It feels good.

Seeking an online bid is a great way for a novice, ignorant of costs, to suss out the landscape. After four or five quotes, you get a pretty clear picture of bottom line and expectations. And businesses seem hungry. I had half a dozen email quotes and two calls from Vancouver within minutes.

There is a minimum amount, of course. I’ll try to meet but not exceed it. The few goodies I’m shipping to my western girl are precious mementoes and I know she’ll be happy to have them.

It feels good to have gotten this far, and to be on the way to checking off another task on the list.

The choices I’ve made these last three, almost four years, have sure taught me a lot. I’ve not too many regrets except to feel that the speed with which I move, think, and make decisions is way slow. I’d like to speed up. And I think I can, and am. But like everything, that’s a process, too. In fairness, I entered into the complete unknown a few short years ago; cutting a path is time consuming. Suffice it to say, the road is laid. Now it’s time to hit it, which means getting my clothing sent abroad, my car sold, and a ticket bought. The countdown is on.

Meanwhile, in the day-to-day, I’m feeling superb if sore all over. My beloved yoga has decided to challenge each and every muscle. Haha. It’s fine. In fact, I’d been unstressed for too long.

And with that, meditation is beckoning…

My wish is that after your head hits the pillow tonight, with eyes closed, you check-in with your heart again. Listen, in the quiet, to your breathing. Feel the gentle, persistent, beat, beat, beat? Let your body swell with gratitude. Let your heart expand with love. And, just before you drift to sleep, promise to wake with those feelings.

Night, night.

Until tomorrow…


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