Skipping a beat…

Buddha heartSo, I’m off the mountain top. Getting down was a hoot. It’s a different kind of breathless, yeah? Equally awesome to the climb up because when your foot touches level ground, you turn around to see where you came from. Mouth gapes. Eyes expand. You exhale a long breathe. What you’re looking at, and what you’re feeling is beyond awesome. You went up, came down, and are still in one piece and absolutely okay.

Of course, I’m writing metaphorically. Or is it allegorically? Whichever it is, you know I didn’t just descend from the highest point on Momma Earth although I am trying to make a point which is, there’s no rush greater than realizing your own divinity.

And because yesterday was a longy blog, tonight’s post will be a shorty.

Wishing you all sublime encounters with your own heart. Just take a second or two, to pay attention to, a beat or two. That act of mindfulness will surely inspire feelings of admiration, gratitude, awe, and unwavering respect for a little muscle that beats non-stop, without conscious thought, every single second of every day that you live, for as long as you live. Maybe it would like a hug for all that work.

Until tomorrow…


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