A chart of sorts…and some other stuff.

GlastonburyOh my. Too much to write about! I’ve noticed (or think I’ve noticed) I’m a bit jumbled lately, but it’s a good jumble. The veil I’m accustomed to seeing through is gone, and my moods, filled with an infusion of colour instead of the historical grey. I feel I can start to look at intention and what that might look like for me. But wait, I never defined a clear intention for this craziness in the first place. It’s been absolutely random so far.

Re-do 365 was started because my kid told me to. And right now I can hear you all saying, “If she said step in front of a moving train, would you do that, too!!” Yeah. I mean, no, of course not. But her suggestion came at the right time – just when I needed a shove. I was stagnating, full of talk and more talk. If I managed to shut up for a second, anxiety would take over. I was going nowhere, fast. Now, at six months in, I’m making tracks and furthermore, I’m having a lot of fun. Not so much this bit cuz writing something readable every day is still work – but everything else is neat. And this exercise of writing daily, while still a challenge, is good for the soul. Super good.

But I mentioned the other night, charting this adventure might be wise. So, I’ll write out some specific change expanding ever so briefly on personal accomplishments. I’ve not made a list prior because I thought it bragging. And maybe it is – sort of. But it’s also being accountable. I write about a lot of stuff I do, plan to do, think I should do, but no one’s tallying. However, I’ve taken a couple gigantic leaps and just this morning was patting myself on the back. So here’s a report card for your eyes only.



  • Sugar’s been cut back to the occasional dark chocolate or frozen yogurt
  • Very little wheat. Seriously, very little.
  • Whole grains a few times a week
  • Mostly vegan now.
  • Organic raw turmeric, pineapple, and apple cider vinegar for joints almost daily
  • Multi B with maca, Vitamin D, 5HTP and Biotin daily
  • Whole lemon (peel and all) daily. Think it’s beneficial but only a couple of months in.
  • No alcohol – at all. No cravings.


  • Still need to walk more but moving with increased regularity.
  • No aches
  • Less stiff everyday
  • Back to daily headstands and have introduced a handstand practice. Goal is to encourage greater core and upper body strength with continued focus on improving flexibility.


  • Down 4 pounds
  • Body shape definitely changing.
  • More arm definition
  • Belly is very slowly shrinking.

My energy level is much higher than months ago. I still have the odd intestinal upset but can more easily figure out why. My eating out treat is Indian or a local spot that serves vegan style poutine. SOOO decadent. Generally, though, my diet is boringly fresh and easy. A no brainer, really. There’s so much information around to help with eating and I am so grateful for fresh food. SO blessed.


Emotional changes:

  • Sleeping more soundly. For more than a decade, I’ve wakened every 2 hours. Could set a watch by it. I now sleep. Attribute meditation.
  • Seeing a break with depression’s patterns. By encouraging self-love, gratitude, and patience, my moods are shifting toward the positive more regularly. Easier to stick to new habits when I see results.
  • More aware of language and catching negative, destructive, gossipy, or diminishing speech.
  • Feeling increasingly confident that I can figure out what needs figuring, and do what needs doing!
  • Inspiration channel is opening.
  • Feeling hopeful.

There’s more, like how I’m studying tarot. I’ll tell you more about that later. And that I’m heading to India in February to study in the vedic tradition of chakra sadhana. More about that later, too.

I am making headway with the book and proposal even if it’s ridiculously slow.

And lastly, it appears I’m not going west at all. I’m sad about that. After all, I’d managed to paint a picture of my life out there and so still see it all quite clearly. I was looking forward to spending time with my girl, her fella, and my granddoggie. I was excited for the road trip that would get me there. But desire and fate converged to bring about the possibility for another, much longer held, dream.

England is where my heart lies and I’ll be heading there instead.

So my wish tonight is for the courage to hold to firm to your dreams. Intense belief in a cause or a goal is one of the most powerful forces on earth. No matter what the odds seem to be, belief dictates there is a way.

Until tomorrow…


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