Tell It Like It Is…

WriterOne wonderful result of Re-do 365 so far is that I’ve been shown something amazing and wonderful. I’ve learned I really, truly was okay when I started this madness. I’m making that claim while barely at the halfway point so I’d say that was progress! Before this very public displaying of every nutty thought and deep set insecurity began, I was good, and good enough. That I could not have made such a dynamic statement then is true enough, but that I am making it now is miraculous. I believe in magic. Do you?

Another thing I was not before this somewhat hedonistic, or actually the opposite, exercise began was a committed writer. Sure, I called myself one because I fancied myself one, but in spite of grand claims, my lexicon was missing discipline and confidence, two critical components necessary to the writer. I’m working faithfully at ensuring they get added, tout de suite.

In the meantime, my love of structure, syntax and form, has me in bed with thesauri – a different one nightly! Okay, that’s not true. It’s the same one. But I’m a sucker for stunningly constructed sentences, aren’t you? Words placed prettily into sentences, tensing past and present, sweeping us into the darkest and lightest spots of our wildest imaginings. Ah, amen and alleluia!

Oh goodness, what AM I on about tonight? Telling stories, that’s what. If you feel you’ve one to share, do it. It doesn’t have to be written. It could be painted, sung, danced. It could be told in the act of raising children, being a fantastic boss, a faithful employee, or the best student. Whatever you’re doing, commit to it. If you cannot, move on and find something to do that you can commit too. Be devoted, engaged, and passionate about your story. Why? It’s yours and only you can make it the gloriously, magical, stupendous, contributory adventure you’re destined to live.

Wishing tonight for the determination, courage, and confidence to be okay with who you are. Love yourself where you’re at. If you’ve bits and bobs of your life that need a bit of paint or a scrub, get it done. And when it comes time to tell your story, do it with all the gusto you can muster.

Using my words until tomorrow…


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