What’s in it?

IntuitionWhat is in a name, eh? For me, there’s tons. Some of you know I’ve just changed mine because the one given me the second time around wasn’t my cuppa. I neither felt connected to it, nor liked the sound of it. I never wanted that name to be “me”. After six decades, I jumped off the complaining-about-it-bridge and did the unthinkable. I changed my name.

Of course, some people think I’m nuts. I am, so that’s old news. Others are openly supportive but I sense they’re dissing me behind my back. The last lot are envious and supportive both. These folks know it takes a special kind of courage to change just about anything. So am I patting myself on the back? Nah. Just trying to make a point which I’ll get on with forthwith!

Yesterday I wrote about intuition and today, aspects of it began to make sense, profoundly so. In the case of something as apparently simple as changing a name sits a teaching about intuition. How so? Well, I suppose it boils down to the difference between knowing and knowledge. We are taught about many things that are proved by others to be factual. Those apparent truths reside in databases and history books and are the basis for a multitude of actions on our parts. Actions, decisions, or even thoughts spurred by our guts, however, are most often strongly opposed, or at least discouraged, by those tethered to the databases and books.

Now, there is validity in research and study. Of course there is. But the great and good minds of Einstein, Hildegard of Bingen, DaVinci…the list is long…believed in their voices, their thoughts – their guts! They challenged conventional practice at every turn! They stayed the course remaining true to what they felt compelled to do. They pushed forward, driven by an unwavering faith in their own instinct, or intuition. Far from mainstream, it is from this barrel that our great wisdom teachers, myth builders, and paradigm shifters come.


My wish tonight is for open minds, and a broadening of thoughts. Fear can assist us at times, but it can prevent us from considering anything different. But different isn’t always bad. Far from it. In order to grasp new thought, though, and keep our minds open to something different, we might have to change more than just a name.

Until tomorrow…


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