Aching head…

imageDifficult day today and my words are all jumbled in my head. Wayne Dyer, Oliver Sachs, and other light beings are departing this plain. Spirit led teachers who stayed their course and contributed greatly seem to be leaving us to our own devices.

Finding out about them only made me feel worse. I’m feeling lost, sick, and scared out of my skin about an uncertain future, again. Felt confident yesterday. Of course, all I hear in my head is that I’ve not stayed the course or contributed. And it is true. I’ve not planned, squandering talents and money until there’s little of either left. My head hurts with it all. But what can I do? What do I need to do to change these feelings? Well, I do need some help, for sure. But I’ve asked for help, so it is on the way.

The rest I have to surrender to for tonight. Feeding these feelings is not healthy, so I’m not going to talk about them further.

My wish is for courage and second chances. Sometimes we just need to believe we’re strong enough to get by, and that when we do we will have learned what we needed to learn. With a second chance comes a surge of energy. We must use it wisely. Do-overs are divine blessings. If you get one, be very, very grateful.

Feeling grateful until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Aching head…

    1. Frances Sullivan

      You are SOOOO right, Leon. I used your rightness on my next night’s blog, too. Also, need to mention another comment you made to me after the move. Yep, was tortured, but when I go back to that decision and your support, it feels right. And, things are unfolding daily, all directing me toward the place my heart is. 🙂 Thanks for your care and support. xx


  1. “With a second chance comes a surge of energy” I love this. I’d like to follow your posts, and didn’t even know I have a WordPress account too. Will need to check this out, as I mostly post on a different blog!


    1. Frances Sullivan

      I will look your posts up, too, Carol. Thanks ever so for the follow. I’m focussed on building my site and it’s slow, but moving forward. 🙂 And glad you resonated with that line. Don’t you find that, though? “Wow, I can do ___ again? Alleluia and hooray!!”


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