Was Perry A Magician? Maybe.

StarsI’ll apologize at the start of this blog because I’m a bit empty this evening, my words squandered on several other projects today. My mind is full of the memory of those words and phrases, but they are not the stuff of my blog. Well, not the usual stuff of my blog, and most certainly, not what I feel inclined to write about tonight.

No. Tonight its about wishes. Pure and simple. Oh, and stars and dreams that you wish will come true. There’s that word again. Guess there’s always room for wishes, yes? Let’s just talk about them then, shall we? Oh and toss in a soupcon of magic. The fullness of the moon has inspired that, methinks.

My dad and mom loved a crooner named Perry Como. I never met him, or saw him live, but they did and I’ve the picture to prove it, which is what has me thinking about him these days. I saw that picture when getting boxes organized for my move last week. Also, I’m trying to come up with an appropriate name for a Facebook page about wishes – one that a million others do not already have. Mr. C. sang a song called “If Wishes Were Kisses”, you see, and like that. A lot. But there’s much more to him than meets the eye, just as there is to my getting acquainted with him again after all these years. There’s some magic in it. I’m sure of it.

Of course, I’ve no idea what all the recollections are about yet. Fooled you, didn’t I? You thought I was going to seamlessly weave a story of wishes and magic and Perry Como songs, yeah? No. Not yet, anywho. All I can say right now is that he sings of dreaming, of rainbows, of catching falling stars, and of love. On this shiny night, I can only add magic to that list, then plant a kiss on it for all of you, and me, too.

Kisses are good. Until tomorrow…


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