Wishes do…

Wishes Do you ever have one of those days when you just know you’re actually a super hero? You’ve gotten up on the right side of the bed to greet the morning with zest (not the soap), breakfast tickles your taste buds and, you’re smiling unprompted. When you head out to work or run errands it is with unparalleled zeal. There’s nothing mundane in your world today. You’re floating in your very own event horizon!

Of course, you’ve guessed this was my day. And goodness, what fun! My mind buzzed with creative thoughts and eloquent phrases I couldn’t wait to articulate to the page. There were moments of clarity, too, epiphanal really, and I simply felt okay. But not the bland kind of okay, rather the calm, peaceful, happy kind of okay.

I didn’t manage to start writing until a bit ago, though, so some of those most brilliant of lines, woven lovingly in my head, won’t make it to the computer’s loom tonight. But, I recall vividly the sub-text and am quite sure the ideas will still be accessible tomorrow.

A wee taster of the overall theme might be in order, but I find I cannot write well late in the day. Ah-ha, and I prepare my blog late in the day! But the blog, you see, is drawn from a different place and essentially writes itself. Right, and so now you’re thinking, wouldn’t you want to write everything this way? Ofbloodycourse!! And eventually I will. As I flex my writing muscles more and more, the better and more fluid the work will be. It is exactly like yoga. The more you do, the more you can do.

Before wishes tonight, I will say this: (it’s ‘write’ this actually, but that just sounds so stuffy, yeah?) sugar is not good for me. Remember I wrote last night about giving up a treat? Well, tonight, after picking up my passport – can you believe it’s here already? – I picked up a small Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar. I know! I’m scolding myself this very minute. Anywho, my fuzzy head is the result of the sugar. A little is fine, but it must be only a little and balanced with other foods like proteins. Good reminder.

Wishes come true when productivity accompanies them. Wishes also come true when the expectation is that they will. Keep moving in the direction of the wish. Believe the wish will come true. Be specific. Be sincere. And be watchful. Sometimes our wishes are granted and we don’t even see them before us.

Looking all around me, until tomorrow…


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