Even a good farewell can be tough…

Food smileMost of us have habits we should swap for more productive ones. On this 365 re-do I’m looking at behaviours ad nauseam. But I mentioned that last night. Anywho, today I was forced to look carefully at a relatively new practice I’ve adopted that is not a good one. Since it is new, I’m sure it will be easy enough to switch, as in I’m not likely to go into serious withdrawal, but I am sad. Parting can be such a sweet sorrow even when it’s a good choice, yeah?

SO, bye bye DQ Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard. You’ve given me sublime gastronomical pleasure and my palate will miss your cold, creamy sweetness. My tongue will always relish the memory of your chewy and oh so aptly named bits of fudgy brownie, while my teeth will remember with unfettered fondness your cruncy pecans. True, I savour dipping the bright red, long handled plastic spoon into your colourful paper cup knowing the joy that will come with the first bite of your chocolatey goodness. Oh tragedy! You have become an addiction. I must stop now! You are adding an unwanted addition to my middle parts. I call her Stella. She grows bigger by the day and if I’m to get rid of Stella, I have to say adios to you immediately.

I’m bereft. Still I must go on. After all, there’s Stella to deal with. Perhaps once she is gone I can visit Blizzard again, but best not to think about that now.

So here’s wishing for moderation and humour, for often when we find we’ve fallen out of balance yet again, the best thing we can do is have a laugh at ourselves and start over in the morning.

Laughing until tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Even a good farewell can be tough…

  1. Elizabeth Mitchell

    NOOOOOOOOO! not the mud fudge blizzard! Give up broccoli or green beans. For heaven sake keep the blizzard. You can learn to love and accept Stella for who she is, the product of chocolatey deliciousness!


    Love the blog!


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