With sailsAs soon as I stepped on the gangplank a smile crossed my face. I love boating and sailing aboard a tall ship has been a dream. Being among the first to board meant staking claim to a prime spot, though, I noticed later there was no bad spot.

The sun was shining and a soft breeze, blowing. The harbour’s blue water tossed scores of boats of all shapes and sizes. They moved by motor and wind. It was heavenly. Setting off meant a chance to help hoist the sails but I gave that over to a bunch of eager kids. If memory served, it’s hard work. And, we were off.

I was the guest of dear old friends today who were celebrating a family birthday by sailing Toronto’s harbour. I am so grateful for the invitation to join them. It was a glorious day and one that reminded me of something. Being with loved ones, positive and supportive people, is wonderful and I need more of these kinds of experiences. The last time I did anything similar was Christmas. That’s way too long ago.

At one point on the car ride up, my friend and I were talking about my move and she suggested something good. I will consider it, but more importantly, her suggestion highlighted what I’ve written about as recently as yesterday (?) about alternative ideas. I’m uncomfortable, fearful even, about sharing my plans. That means I might not always make the best decision because there could be an idea out there I’ve never even considered. I’d asked for help in this area. It has begun.

There was one itsy bitsy downside. A snapshot was taken of me sitting and I saw it. Sigh. I’ve decided to call the lovely bulge around my waist, Stella. She and I are going to work conscientiously to find her a new home.

Life is magical isn’t it?

My wish is for more unfettered communication. Now, I do not mean rash, or thoughtless, which might seem a bit contradictory. But unabashedly open dialogue should not attack. Oh, ideologies can withstand some rough housing, but personal attacks are not acceptable. That becomes gossip, and gossip is destructive. Eckhart Tolle teaches about the “positive no”, and His Holiness, that we choose kind, always. If we add those elements into the mix, our conversations will be fun, constructive, and create a safe and welcoming space where thoughts, plans, ideas, and goals flourish.

Chatting kindly to Isabella until tomorrow…

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