His Name Is Jock…

ElphieI posted a sly joke today on my Facebook page that nobody got. Best work on my written delivery. Or maybe my peeps are not into witticisms. I, for sure, don’t always clue in to subtleties though hold in great esteem those who do. Maybe I’ll try again soon. It’s good practice.

So I’ve not updated you in awhile on how things are going. You know I’ve packed up a lot of my goods and shipped them to the UK as of yesterday. Because the truck ended up having room in it, I took advantage of the chance to move it abroad. A very few items will be sent west meaning I’ve virtually nothing to set up a home in BC now, though. Pots and pans, couches and chairs, lamps and linens went a-sailing. My reasoning is pretty sound, however.

My goods have been in storage for almost two years and likewise, would go into storage out west. Since I’ve no idea how long it will take to find employment, I’ve no idea how long it will take to find and afford a place of my own. A lot of the stuff will go to my UK daughter’s house and since I’m expected to stay with her when there, it made sense to me at the time.

And now suddenly, after writing it all out, I’m not feeling as comfortable with ANYTHING. But it’s done. Ta da! I’m going to go with my gut. Arghhhh. Let’s change the subject, okay?

My food intake is quite excellent these days. I’m still cringe-gulping apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning. The follow-up honey is nice. It might be just that since it is recommended for joints, or the raw turmeric I’m adding to my breakfast shake, keeping me limber and pain free. Oh, and yoga. Whatever the case, my body is moving more fluidly than ever. I still faithfully take my B complex with maca, 100 milligrams of 5 HTP, and 1000+ milligrams of D. I’ve stopped the vegan DHA until I get a cholesterol test, or until I feel inclined to start them again. My weight is down a few pounds but nothing to take to the bank so I’ll just report it as holding steady. I’ve not had any alcohol for weeks and with each day, the desire remains as strong as ever to leave it off my menu.

Meditation is still my joy. My pillow beckons and I leap to meet it. I know I’ve written this before, but if you don’t do it, please, please, please, try it. It builds a house of desire inside you. It is a hand reaching for you, a light in the dark night. Enough. But, try it. Please.

As for blocks and any issues I’ve brought up previously, all the work continues. There are moments of illumination and clarity and seconds of doubt and fear. But less and less I feel swallowed up. I continue to reach out and ask for help. I’m, step by step, facing my big financial block. With the help of gurus who advise wisely, I’m confident I’ll reduce that block to dust. It is deeply rooted, but I’m persistent. I CAN. That’s it. CAN.

Interestingly, tonight I want to keep on writing. That’s awesome. Seriously. Awe. Some. I won’t, of course, not here anywho, but it’s a wonderful feeling. Muse is close by. Perhaps a page or two for the book is in order. Ah, yes.

My wish tonight comes from a news item. It is a story of cross-species helping hands, or in this case, trunks. It’s the true tale of a traveller named Adrian who while logging his journey on board an elephant, drops his selfie-stick encased camera. Drat! Without missing a beat, the oh-so-helpful and incredibly savvy pachyderm picks up the camera, then swings his trunk up delivering the device safely into the hands of the astonished rider. Voila! My wish? Let’s always believe in magic, the impossible, and the improbable. Let us believe in mystery. Let us treat all beings as we would want to be treated. Let us treat ALL BEINGS as WE would want to be treated. As Jock deserves to be treated.

Believing until tomorrow…


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