On the road again…

MoveMoving is an interesting phenomenon. Psychologically, when desired, the act of moving motivates and excites us. Energetically, following the theme of a move that’s desired, we become energized, inspired by happy thoughts of a new home, a new job, or simply a new place to be. It’s all a rush of “oh boy” when we want to move. Hooray!

But even a wanted move is taxing on mind, body, and spirit, altering rhythms and bringing about shifts in routine that the best of us resist to some degree. Humans are nesters by nature after all, and as such they design and build nests with a view to forever. Therefore, leaving the nest is a type of abandonment soliciting feelings of doubt, augmented by the need to question whether they “should” move at all.

It is pretty natural to want to cling to hearth and home then, and to second guess a decision to uproot all, even when wanted. And then there’s the business of moving; making the necessary arrangements to ensure precious possessions get picked up and delivered, papers get signed and deadlines met. The logistics of moving can cause one’s patience to wear thin and energy levels to ebb.

So what would I recommend since I’m smack dab in the middle of it at this very minute? Enjoy. Be patient. I’ve stewed and fretted about whether I could, or should. I’ve worried about where and how. I procrastinated, sitting in a stew for months and months. And now that I’ve put one foot in front of the other – again (this will be my 12th move, 3rd major in three years) – I’m calm and ready for next steps.

At this instant, I can safely tell you I’m getting good at moving. I know, whoopee. But seriously, and of real spirit level importance is that right now, after more than a year (probably closer to two) of consternation and confusion, I’m back to following my heart’s desire and I’ve no doubt it’s the right thing to do. It’s amazing to me, and every time it happens I end up surprised, how obstacles dissolve and opportunities abound when I simply take a step in the right direction.

So here’s wishing you all right directions. When we use our own internal guidance systems, we tend to be okay, make our way. We must be cautious if we read another’s map and think their compass has anything to do with us. It doesn’t. No one else can tell you which way to go. Of course, they can help, they can offer suggestions, and occasionally even do some of the heavy lifting, but at the end of the day, you have to decide which direction you’ll head. Just you and you alone.

Reading my map until tomorrow…


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