More and less…

Tree poseYou know you’ve done something right because of how you feel, yes? I remember when I performed well how the adrenaline pulsating through me would bring about such elation. That “up” would spur me on, motivate me to practice more, find gigs. I remember recording “Evergreen”, the song Streisand made famous from the movie A Star is Born, and being over the moon with the finished product. It took a lot of rehearsing to get it right. That last sustained note is killer! It would be nice to have a copy of that effort, but I’ve only one recording of my singing although I did it regularly and very publicly for 20 years+. Hindsight.

Recalling the times I shouted out a melody or ten for so many years is nice. The fact I’ve virtually no tangible proof that I ever sang let alone did it well, is bittersweet. Nevertheless, it is what it is, but not what I’d recommend. I think it’s important to note your accomplishments for posterity. Keeping it honest is key, though.

So I wasn’t motivated to build the myth of me but was inspired to sing. What’s the difference? Well one is external – motivation – while the other, internal – inspiration. If you’ve a healthy blend of both, you’d be singing and recording. That’d be a healthy balance.

It’s taken me a long time to respect balance. Now that I do, I’m grateful I’ve time to make better use of it. I’m feeling inspired, so hoping that will motivate me to watch out for opportunities to operate with more balance. It’s the yin and yang really. Ah.

So my wish tonight is for balance. Our bodies tell us when we are out of balance. An ache, a food sensitivity, a cold. When we work too much and play too little, sit for hours and move for only minutes, we haven’t got it. But the thing about balance is it is always waiting. We need to help the body release the cold, play just a little longer, and get out of that chair. It IS that easy.

Balancing on one foot and then the other until tomorrow…


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