imageTonight I’ll just post a wish for peace of mind. We all have days when life seems just plain mean. We look to the heavens and ask “why”? Our hearts are breaking, we can’t figure out why all our plans have suddenly gone awry, or why that person who was to be by our side forever is now gone. Or we watch the news and wonder why bombs continue to rip bodies and lives to bits, or why poverty and disease cannot be eradicated. It is overwhelming, yes?

Close your eyes. Take a breath. Look into your own heart and send yourself all the love and light you can. After you’ve hugged yourself, send that love, light and huggy goodness to others; to all the pain and sorrow you see. For an instant, in that second, do you feel peaceful? That is the energy you’ve just gifted the world. And the universe is eternally grateful.

Breathing love and light until tomorrow…


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