Safe harbourWell, it’s Sunday and the end of another week. Tomorrow heralds the start of a new week and one that promises to be a momentous one pour moi. Movers arrive on the 20th to take about one half of all my worldly goods on a journey first to Liverpool, and then south to Devon. I’ve never been to the UK by sea. People tell me it’s a very civilized way to travel. Hopefully my dining set and chesterfield will agree.

I’ve won the lottery (in my mind), so everything will be fine. Ask. Believe. Accept.

Yes, there’s the last things that need to ship west. They will go soon. And then, me!

In the meantime, I’m still doing a Woody Allen impression. I’m not even Jewish! But it’s the best description I can come up for how I feel inside. If I start to look like him, mimic his physical appearance, we’re in big trouble. But I doubt it will get that bad. Still, I know this is what I need to do, all this moving stuff. But is it, really? See, I’m doing it again!

Deep breath. My poor muddled mind is going around and around and back again. But, everything will be okay. I just wish I knew why this move, something I’ve thought about, dreamed about, wished for, for years and years, is messing me up so much? Any ideas? I guess any upheaval is nerve wracking.

Oh well, it’ll work out. Somehow. You know, this is when being twenty five and filled with that innocence, that unshakable belief in your dreams, would be ideal. But I never did follow my heart back then so maybe doing it now –some six decades into life – is such a new thing for my mind and body that it simply doesn’t know what to do in response. Yeah, I like that idea.

So for today, Frances Ann Collins, aka Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, aka Frances Sullivan, is going to do what feels impossible because she believes it’s in her best interest. Period.

And with that my wish is for magic, unmitigated and glorious, mysterious and too elusive, magic. Sleight of hand is chicanery, but that we exist is nothing short of magic in its most miraculous form. There’s no trickery in a beating heart, only magic. Let’s believe so it is less elusive, more a part of our every day. Do you believe in magic? I do.

Waving my wand until tomorrow…


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