Still about trust…

RutIsn’t it amazing how addictive negative attitudes and even feelings and emotions are? I suppose it’s attributable to that one word – addiction. We are encouraged into patterns like anger, for example, by all that epinephrine released into the bloodstream. Overtime, the corticosteroids do their damage on the heart and other organs, not to mention our relationships. We know this so it puzzles me why we fight to keep the crap. Habit. Better the devil kind of thinking I suppose. Fear. Funny, because it is easier to turn over a new leaf now than ever.

Okay, it’s not that simple, but it kind of is. There are self-help mavens, one-line mantras, purveyors of positive vibes, and mystical wisdom teachers everywhere these days espousing their handy-dandy, easy-peasy tips for peace in your life and the world at large. So, come on. Be honest. Wouldn’t you really rather have calm, happy times? Of course you would!

Again though, it’s not quite that easy and I don’t mean to be glib about the plethora of tips floating about. In fact, I’m happy I can Google aid for what ails me. But repairing damage, healing wounds, and changing patterns is not for the faint of heart. It is hard work. But so worth it!

For me, I’m back to the big issue of trust. My mind has become Woody Allen. It’s filled with stutters, half starts, maybes, and should I do this or that’s. I’m a pulsating, bent over version of myself with hands wringing in confusion. And then I remember a quote of his, “Eighty percent of success is just showing up.” I’m finally showing up, making some moves, not letting anything deter me. Can I make the wrong call about which box to ship where? Of course! But with a bit of ingenuity and help, everything will be just fine. Trust.

My closing tonight is a comment about my “wish” sign offs. I’d like to hone in on those. They help me more than you might realize and I’d like to toss them into the public’s ginormous barrel filled with helpful hints and hopeful thoughts. Perhaps a Facebook community page or a book? So tonight’s wish is for the courage of conviction to follow-through when you’ve an idea. Hmm, would that be like showing up? Me thinks it just might be.

Until tomorrow…


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