More hands. Light work.

people-carrying-houseI am dealing with moving companies – something I’ve only dabbled in until now. The follow-uppers are the international shippers. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but it is. And it’s not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. I guess others’ experiences have been hauling a lot more stuff. Whatever the case, it looks like I’ll be able to get a good portion to the UK, then the rest to BC for what I thought it was going to cost just to get to BC. It’s nice. This way I’ll have my belongings accessible in the two places I want to spend my time. Now, just to finalize dates and organize on the other ends. Oh my!

Without a doubt I’m excited about it all but I’ve nerves, too. This is a big deal. Okay, no it’s not. Plus, it’s what I’ve been moaning on about for years. I’m finally getting off me arse and doing something instead of whining on about it. I think it is an essential part of burying the tragic heroine, too. Hmph.

So, today’s been good, and although I really am quite terrified, I’m also following through on a long-time dream so must trust. I’ve written about believing, trusting, keeping the faith, asking and allowing, almost daily for all these weeks, months. It would be callously wrong of me to shove platitudes of positivity and persistence down your throats unless I was ready, willing, and able to take the same advice, yes? And of course, I’m still mostly completely on my own, but I’m open to that reality changing any day now. It would be grand to have a muscular titan appear to help with the heavy lifting. But hey, one thing at a time.

And so I’ll sign off tonight with a wish that each and every one of us find gemutlichkeit. This untranslatable German word describes a state or place of warmth, friendliness and cordial congeniality. Doesn’t that sound just perfect? I think so. With my eyes closed, I’m there feeling the good vibes floating my way then back around to you with each breath I take. Round and round the overflowing cup of good cheer goes. Wunderbar.

Until tomorrow…


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