Imagining balance…

Tree poseLast night I posted a nutty vlog talking about some books peeps had recommended whilst standing in tree pose. I’ve not got the books yet, but when I do I’ll share them and any results. In the meantime, I’m having major and I mean pain in me arse issues with my computer. Of course, I’ve work to do…grrrr

Anywho, ruffles in the plan make balance which, I was espousing last night, difficult. Still, I will keep breathing and do the best I can. Which leads me to this question: What comes first, stress or the problems?

It’s okay. This is really a first world problem and I’ll get it sorted – somehow and soon – because I have to. I have to.

SO here’s my wish for tonight. Imagination. Computers were dreamed up in someone’s mind. Isn’t that amazing? If that’s possible, imagine what other miracles we can dream up like peace, love, and goodness.

Hopefully imagining until tomorrow…


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