In neutral

Beautiful viewThat’s where I find myself, or rather, where I’ve chosen to put myself today – in neutral. I’m not feeling my chipper, dapper self. My head hurts and my stomach is rumbling. My eyes are blurry. There’s like a weight on my head. Yes, I’ve a lot to do but I’m not going to get it done feeling like this. So, for now, I’ll do what has to be done – stuff I can do from a neutral place. Once I would have called it surrendering.

I’m glad I’ve been here before because it’s sometimes challenging to be still and let things be. I trust all will be well, so that helps a lot.

Today came the affirmation I needed to go ahead and be okay with asking for the help I need. Even if it’s temporary, I’m not able to move forward without it.  Funnily, I’ve been dancing around this for ages, unable to be clear about the specifics of the ask, and not sincere. Finally, I’m where I need to be. Abraham calls it vibrational alignment. If, for some reason, I’m not quite there, I’m confident I’m spinning in the right direction. Even if right now, I’m spinning while standing still.

With that written, tonight my wish is for the all the magic born from the mystery of surrender. Sometimes miracles happen, too.

Neutrally till tomorrow…


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