No rut too wide…

IrelandI went to the bank today – I deal with two and have been to one – to do the name change thingy. The lovely woman taking care of me and I had a great chat about chasing dreams and going where the heart leads. It was invigorating and just what I needed. So much gratitude. Before that I was thinking about ruts.

It’s easy to fall into ruts. They’re everybloodwhere. How do I avoid falling headlong into one? That was a question I asked myself today. Funny, because if I’m honest, I’ve been in and out of ruts for way long. Thing is though, only if I believe that. The real big rut I’ve been facing lately is the rut of “how”.

Asking “how” is a pain. Of course I don’t mean the standard question of, excuse me, how do I get to… or how do I put this together? Nah, I mean the how spawned from doubt. When your dreams, your goals are laid out in front of you and your head says, “How is that gonna happen?”

Mike Dooley calls them cursed. He tells us the universe only responds to positive and nothing that questions our plans is ever positive. Good point. SO, in other words, I don’t need to know, how, I just need to determine clearly and sincerely what I want. Narrow it down. Be specific, put it out there and then, let it go.

I write all around this topic a lot, don’t I? It’s because I’m reminding myself, giving my head that shove it needs to get back on track. Good one, FS!

So I’m gonna turn a cursed how into the gloriously kind adverb it wants to be. How sweet is that? (See what I did there? No? Hint: Antonyms for cursed are kind or sweet. Hehe.)

Before I end tonight, here’s an update. I’m still moving as in getting going, down dogging, planking etc., but not enough. Stretching today was scary so I need to move more. Yoga. Yoga. Yoga! Sigh. But, I’m loving all the writing. My brain’s in the groove treating me to phrases with words like dalliance, and infinitesimal. I have set “thesaurus” as my default page. But it’s a good thing that!! Honestly.

So my wish is for faith. Have faith in what you know to be good, and right for you. Stay in that place and when you see the ruts, smile a great big toothy smile, run at it and take a leap. Hurray, you’ve chosen the best way. And with faith that all will be well, it will be.

Faithfully yours until tomorrow…

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