Easing into change…

White cobA friend, or more precisely an acquaintance I feel a kinship to, is frightened and doubting her health. Because of this inexplicable bond, I believe I understand how she processes information and find I am moved by her fear. She’s been ill so there’s a disturbing and frightening memory residing in her head. I’ve a desire to help her eradicate the fear, and remove any doubt that she is anything but well because I know she wants that, and believes that. Possible? Of course.

Readers know I’m not a supporter of worry. We all fall into the trap on occasion, being human and all, but the trick is to not hold on. We’ve gotta let go of that monkey mind stuff. Doubt is like that, too. The “what if” scenario is powerful. Remember, we manifest what we believe, what we feel, and what we think about. So, while I can’t help her delve deep into her psyche and have “those” chats, I can learn more about myself and how I cope with doubt and fear. As I strengthen my resolve moving steadily toward trust, I raise my vibration. In so doing, any energy I’m able to send her by way of support, is stronger. Make sense?

I’m an empath. Ever in tune with energies around me, some days can be exhausting. Grounding practices learned early on through meditation and ritual helped me get through more than one messy time. But I did not have in my circle, resourceful, trustworthy guides or teachers. I suppose I surrendered along the way, feeling that developing strengths given sensitive types was not my lot. But, as we know, things change and now many of the gifts that lay dormant for decades are wakening in me. Hurrah!

So when I “feel” the fear and doubt of another, I do indeed feel it in my blood. But unlike a times when another’s sorrow broke me, now I can truly empathize without falling apart. Further, rather than shaking my head and bemoaning the misery and hopelessness of life, I sense a call from a voice asking that we hold firm, believe, trust ourselves, love ourselves deeply and truly, and commit to taking the necessary steps toward healing. Even in the worst case scenarios!

So tonight my wish is for ease. Aligning ourselves with new practices that bring radical change are daunting to say the least. We must take our time, allow for slippages, and adopt patience. I’ve heard it’s a virtue! We must rely on the strength of others when we are not strong, trusting that in that moment, our vulnerability is exactly the feeling we are supposed to be feeling. (The tables will turn and we will repay the kindness.) In the meantime, shake the hand of fear then say adieu. Look doubt in the eye and say goodbye. None of us need those emotions except to remind us that we do not need them. See, easy peasy.

Easing into tomorrow…

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