Moving helps!

EnthusiasmOh my gosh. Sooo, it worked. At least for today. I went to bed at a reasonable time (close to midnight, but better than I’ve been doing) and got up at 6:30 AM. Took my honey and vinegar, showered, did about 20 minutes of yoga and the same for meditation. Thought I could get some research writing done, but opted out of that. Was early for work, felt alert enough (I stand most of the 3-4 hours I’m there) then headed to my spot at Starbucks to work on my report AND I’m still going. Just sent off the first draft. Of course, I need to meditate and still get to bed very soon, but I’m on a roll!

Food consumption is also wonderfully sane and there’s been no alcohol for a bit now. Often, when I have a busy day, my mood – is that sugar? – changes and cravings hit about 5ish. That’s not been happening at all which means I want to keep doing whatever I’ve been doing because it’s working. I just need to get back to a more “moving” routine. Whew. I will report in tomorrow about this.

So, it’s off to the cushion and then bed.

My wish is for calm. It’s too easy to fall into anxious thinking. We worry, we fret, we stew and in point of fact, what good is it? Are we okay in the moment? Probably. Do we have a plan, a direction to take to resolve the stuff floating around in our heads? If not, make one, then put it aside until it can be implemented. Lastly, trust that if you’re doing what you can, or have done what you need to do, all will be okay. Life is, after all, going to unfold. We can be either pro-active or reactive. Worry and ANY negative thinking only stops the flow of good and the feeling of calm.

Chillaxin’ until tomorrow…

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