Fessing up…again!

cropped-book-and-rose2.jpegBetter day. See, just have a little faith.

Right. It’s not that simple. AT ALL, but faith, trust, and not giving in to the very convincing nature of a mind motivated by depression, is key.

I just had an idea. I KNOW, amazing, yes? It’s not really that kind of idea, though. It’s more like I need to tell ya’ll something.

I need to re-write the About page. I will do that later. It’s just not clear enough. I also need to elaborate again on why I’m doing this Re-do 365. That’s as much for me as you. By the way, we’re closing in on 120 days! And last, I need to explain a bit more about the title of the blog. So, here goes. I’ll start with the title of the blog tonight. That might be enough for one post.

The title of the blog was meant to suggest transition, transformation, and change, and all the stuff that happens along the way as the tagline notes. It is about the dream dreamed by the dreamer to travel to enlightenment.

I’m neither on, nor have I ever been on, Prozac. At least, I don’t think I have. I have taken prescribed anti-depressant medications and am thankful they were there to be had. At this point, however, I am not using any pharma to get through my day. I am thankful for that, too.

When I write about issues arising from depression, I know of what I write. Diagnosed as a very young child, over the years, I have had several minor episodes and a few major episodes resulting in hospitalization, but no accompanying psychoses, ever. That all written, I do not consider myself a depressive, either chronic, clinical, or bi-polar. I have experienced these illnesses but they do not define me, nor do they run my life. Early on I established unhealthy habits based on the influence of disease. With patience and diligence, trial and error, I’ve overcome many of these unhelpful behaviours, and continue to do so. I believe we all can do this. It just takes a certain amount of introspection, honesty, and a desire to live a happy, joy-filled life.

My posts for Re-do 365 talk about my day to day, but at the core are meant to be about hope, believing the impossible is possible. They are not about labelling, holding on to drama, or the past. Rather my reflections are about my efforts to break free of blocks and behaviours that hold me hostage. By facing my demons, I turn them into angels.

Okay, that’s enough for now. In closing, my wish is for kindness. We are always in control of our behaviour. It’s never about anyone else’s words or attitude. If you want to be kind, then be kind. No agenda, no payback expected. Be. Kind.

Kindly saying ‘night ‘night, till tomorrow…

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